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Recently, I got a new device for playing Gal games, and coincidentally, it's the boring final week. I played all night and came across many great works. However, my memory is weak, and I want to remember the emotions I felt at that time. After much thought, I decided to write something to record it.

During this period, I played all kinds of cute games, which can be considered as a way to escape from the final week XD.

"Shepherd of the Great Library"#

Shepherd of the Great Library

It's been a while since I've come across such a great moe game. It's light-hearted and fun in daily life, with a large and well-performed cast. Every time I enter the library, it feels like being in a comedy stage. The character development is above average for a moe game, and each character has a distinct personality. The script is decent, with bonus points for the TE.

Alright, enough with the pleasantries. The real deal starts below. 😋
This game, with its multiple characters and great performances, is a dream come true for fans of Hua-ge. Hua-ge's comedy paired with such an interesting daily life is pure enjoyment!

Oh, by the way, the FD (Fan Disc) of this game is also good.

Recommendation: 7/10

"Spring Limited Poco·A·Poco"#

Spring Limited Poco·A·Poco

To be honest, I played this game because of the sister character paired with Hua-ge 😇, but I didn't start with her route.

This is a short story about music, with a mix of daily life and humor. However, the individual routes have a somewhat shallow and heavy tone, especially the Sakura route. Although it was just a glimpse, the music, words, and visuals undoubtedly created an atmosphere of an excellent plot-driven game. Unfortunately, it only lasted for a moment, but that doesn't stop me from giving this work a good evaluation.

And, the music in this work is really good. The descriptions of the music are also well done, which is quite commendable.

I only recommend the Sakura and Blue routes.

Recommendation: 7.7/10 (Sakura route)
Recommendation: 7/10 (Blue route)

"Golden Love Quartet"#

Golden Love Quartet

Let's talk about why Umbrella Brother is a god (bushi).

This is the best slice-of-life game I've played in all the Gal games, and the best TE in all the moe games I've played.

Invincible daily life, once you start, you can't stop. The TE of the trenches, it moved me to tears 😇.

It's fun, go play it.

This game also has an FD.

Recommendation: 8/10


I've recommended quite a few moe games, so let me recommend some plot-driven games for the summer vacation.

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