Inspiration Basket (Issue 3)


Inspiration Basket - Recording My Random Thoughts

Breaking the Closed Ecosystem of Open Source Search Engines#

Well, before I talk nonsense, let me put on my armor first.

Alright, I'm done. You must have felt the thickness of my armor 🛡️

Actually, the idea behind this is very simple, which is to integrate the search entry points of major apps, including the on-site search entry points of websites that won't be indexed by search engines.
Just like this:
If feasible, it can also be done in the form of rsshub, where users can contribute and support websites or apps.
Users can choose the search scope themselves and create groups based on their needs. For example, for game information, they can set up the search scope as Jike, Game Time, a9vg, and Game Research Society, and save the group for future use. If they want to play some galgames, they can set up the search scope as Dimension Tea House, Moon Curtain, and other forums that you know but are not indexed by search engines. If they want to read something light, they can set up the search scope as Twitter, s1, NGA, and Tieba.
In short, after breaking the search barriers, everything is customizable by you.

Blockchain-based Anonymous Chat Board#

I don't know if you have ever visited an anonymous chat board, similar to X Island and 2ch.
But actually, it's not truly anonymous, as the server always stores various information about you. However, if it's based on blockchain, it's different. The inherent anonymity and decentralization of blockchain make it perfect for anonymous chat boards or forums. As for management and operation, it can be done on the front end, probably.

The high degree of anonymity will inevitably make this application a unique place. As for the minimum level of content review and categorization, AI can handle it.

A World without Illusions#

This idea comes from a picture I saw.
As follows:

There's another factor. I've been reading "1984" recently, and combining these two things, I started to take drugs for my brain. 💊

On a certain day in the future, maybe in 2084 or whenever, due to the needs or interests of a certain group or individual, people will no longer be allowed to think about things beyond reality. All works that meet this criterion will be rewritten and given the setting that the protagonist is a mental patient, and they will be forcibly concluded, just like the little genius in the picture.

I haven't thought about what comes next, but that's probably it. 😇


That's all for this edition of my random thoughts.

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