Step-by-step guide to Dissociative Identity Disorder


Note☢️: This is a fictional tutorial, and I am mentally stable😊. I wrote this article purely out of boredom, and it does not reflect any real-life individuals. I also do not recommend following this tutorial. But if you succeed, remember to give me credit, I want to try it too.


Before we begin the tutorial, let's start with a few questions to test your potential for success.

You can also set the mood by listening to a song. (👊This is necessary!)

Dan Salvato

(Answer with yes or no. Your initial response may not necessarily be your final answer. You can take your time to think and modify your answer as many times as you want until you are satisfied.)

Here are the questions, feel free to answer them🙃

  • Have you ever talked to yourself?
  • Have you ever stayed alone in a white ⬜ room?
  • Have you had a sexual experience with yourself?
  • Do you sing to yourself? 👂
  • Do you get scared when a song changes its tune?
  • Have you ever wanted to kill a cat that you own?
  • Do you often watch fictional works? 📺
  • Have you ever dreamt of a version of yourself that looks different?
  • Do you want a permanent companion?

😄, these questions are a bit strange, aren't they?
No worries, they are not important. As long as you have at least three affirmative answers, you can continue with this tutorial and eventually find your other half.

However, embarking on this tutorial requires certain preparations, such as losing all your family members, sacrificing some non-essential organs, or dying after a successful day.

If you choose to continue reading, I will assume that you are prepared (even if you are not actually prepared🙂).


  1. Thirty-three days
  2. A room with a solid color
  3. An extremely strong lock🔒
  4. An extremely strong door🚪
  5. Solid color sponge stickers
  6. A needle
  7. A bottle of alcohol
  8. Three pieces of gauze
  9. Enough nutrients for thirty-three days (packaged)
  10. Yourself (naked)


First, puncture your eardrums with a needle to ensure that you cannot hear any sound. After that, disinfect the area and perform a simple bandaging to prevent excessive bleeding.

Then, enter the prepared room without being noticed by anyone. Don't forget to bring the nutrients and sponge stickers, but do not bring the needle inside.

Before doing anything else, meticulously cover the entire room with the sponge stickers, making sure there are no blind spots. Check three times.

Okay, you can relax now. I guess you will find a way to pass the time in the first three days.

The next thirty days will be unforgettable for you😊

Like slowly, starting from the depths of your nasal cavity, disgusting two-dimensional worms that ignore your will. They will continue to reproduce, but you won't be able to touch them no matter what, until they burst out of your nasal cavity, crawl through the gaps in your eye cornea, and go down, scratching your skull like a savage, causing your skin to crack, while the worms remain unharmed.

Don't panic, it's just like that, there won't be any worms.

If you endure until the last three days, congratulations, you are about to succeed.

Now, start masturbating, that is, have sex with yourself. Maybe you have already indulged too much before🙂
But still, do as I say, it is an essential step. Do not stop for a moment, including fainting or in dreams. Do not stop the secretion of dopamine.

You may feel pain, as if you are being torn in half, but don't worry, it's just an illusion.
It is a sign of companionship being born, loneliness squeezing your soul and wanting to divide it into two.

You will see true companionship, pure and flawless, like a young girl's companionship.
It embraces everything about you, like the deep sea.
It is a deep blue companionship that lasts until the end of life.

If you haven't died after this, then you have definitely succeeded.🎉

Enjoy this unique, pure, and genuine companionship that belongs only to you, even if it's just for one more day.


If you fail, that is impossible.
Because I didn't let you bring a clock with you, 🤪

If you ignore my advice and actually try it, I wish you success. If you unfortunately fail, don't despair, the internet guardian angel Super Tianjiang will save you.


Still listening! Stop horsing around and stay away from the internet!


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