What did I buy on 618? | A shopping diary after the college entrance examination



The college entrance examination is finally over. First, I'll put Shutdown! by P Maru-sama here.

P Maru-sama

If you want to talk about the one thing that is most lacking after the college entrance examination, it must be consumption. With the arrival of the 618 shopping festival, I have to go on a shopping spree.

Now, let me show off my achievements.


The most important thing is, of course, the computer that serves as both a gaming and productivity tool. I didn't expect that even laptops are now featuring virtual idols. Have we finally discovered how profitable the 2D world is?

After careful comparison, I decided to abandon the cute virtual idol and bought a big white dragon (Mechrevo Jiaolong 16 Pro) instead. It has an R9 7945HX+4060, making it easy to fight against the future. However, there is no 32GB version, so I guess I'll have to install it myself in the future.

My dad always says that white things are prone to yellowing over time, so I bought some decals on Taobao. However, the result was a significant decrease in appearance. o(╥﹏╥)o

Here are some pictures!


By the way, the computer came pre-installed with Windows 11, which is really difficult to use. It has a rounded UI and many features have been removed. I immediately switched back to Windows 10 overnight.

Mobile Phone#

A modern person cannot do without a mobile phone. I thought I would spend a long time choosing one, considering the current situation where various smartphone manufacturers are dominating the market. However, the only options for custom ROMs are OnePlus and Xiaomi, which significantly reduced my workload (艹皿艹).

I bought the OnePlus Ace 2, 16GB+512GB version. The amount of RAM is the same as my computer. Is Android really that powerful?

Here are some pictures!


The first thing I did after getting it was to flash OxygenOS (the international version of the OnePlus system) to avoid any potential issues. So far, it seems to be working fine, except for occasional glitches in brightness adjustment and the lack of a pop-up window for Bluetooth earphones.



I wanted to try over-ear headphones, so I bought the One More E700. However, it was uncomfortable to wear due to my large head, so I returned it and bought the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 instead (achieving the OnePlus family set).

Here are some pictures!


The sound quality is decent, with slightly piercing highs, good bass, and average resolution. However, the spatial audio is really magical and creates an immersive experience. It's amazing!


A good mouse is important for both gaming and studying. The Logitech M546 that I used for three years has been discontinued o(╥﹏╥)o, so I bought the Logitech G304, which is a bit large and heavy, but otherwise fine.

Here is a picture!



The keyboard on the laptop is not comfortable to use, so I took the opportunity to get myself a new keyboard.

I bought the JD JZ990 Crystal Axis keyboard. The typing experience is smooth and the keystrokes are quiet. Now I don't have to worry about being assassinated by my roommate. It's great!

Here is a picture!


The volume control keys are quite convenient.

VR Magnetic Lens#

I bought the Oculus 2 over a year ago, but it has been collecting dust because my old computer couldn't handle VR games with its GTX 1660 Super, and I couldn't stand being nearsighted in VR. Now that the computer issue is resolved, I bought a magnetic lens to save my VR glasses.


Streaming Cable and Ethernet Cable#

They are both cables, so I'll talk about them together. The wireless streaming feature of the Oculus 2 is not very impressive. I don't know if it's because of my home network, but it often lags. With the expectation of being tripped by cables, I bought a streaming cable.

I'm not sure if I can plug in an Ethernet cable in the university dormitory, so I bought one just in case.

Want to see a picture?


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Membership#

The long-awaited Xbox Game Pass has finally launched on XGP with 期待了一生 by Xingkong. I had to buy it!

Todd, you must hold on! Okay?

Group Photo#

Please imagine the XGP logo representing the starry sky floating above.


I wish everyone a summer vacation with an active brain and please pay attention to P Maru-sama. Thank you, meow.

Oh, where is my wallet? (;▽;)

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