Wednesday sunrise time


The sun is dazzling, like a moth with poisonous powder, flying straight onto the blackboard in the classroom, disturbing Xiao Mu's restless heart along with the hot air filled with white chalk dust.

On the desk, which is piled with books from the previous class, the thermos cup keeps opening and closing. The hot water flows into Xiao Mu's numb body, but it still can't dispel the drowsiness that is about to close his eyes. So he can only stare at the teacher with his eyelids, pretending to sit upright, not even having enough awake brain cells to pray that he won't be discovered.

"Before class ends, I have two things to say. We won't have a break this week because..."

The teacher said with some embarrassment.

The sunlight continues to pour into the classroom, flapping its bright and toxic wings, stirring up a nauseating mix of sand and the smell of dead mosquitoes in the hot air.

This little incident didn't drive away the sleepiness in Xiao Mu's head. The drowsiness still hits every unique cell in Xiao Mu's body like a tide, and each cell is expressing a unanimous protest against sleep to the brain.

"Buzz~ Buzz~"

A loud noise suddenly sounded.

It was like a nuclear bomb exploding right next to him, pounding his eardrums with a ten-pound hammer. Xiao Mu's brain was almost shattered.

Mr. Beetle, who is as big as the entire classroom, is flying outside the small window next to Xiao Mu, making an explosive buzzing sound. The airflow generated by the flapping wings shattered the glass all over the floor, mixed with the smell of blood and the stench of dead insects. It almost made Xiao Mu vomit all the water he had just drunk.

The sun, like a pulled light bulb, instantly turned pitch black, and only a few small red dots on Mr. Beetle's body could convince oneself that the sun hadn't disappeared.

After finishing a class, most of the students in the class were immersed in a dreamless state, while some boys and girls went to the restroom in pairs. There were also a few people who were temporarily attracted by the noise over here, but most of them just glanced briefly and went on to do other things.

Xiao Mu stared straight at Mr. Beetle, holding his breath, not daring to make a sound, because Xiao Mu found that Mr. Beetle was staring at him. Not only that, he also saw Mr. Beetle's mandibles chewing something, dripping red and black liquid.

Fear, lack of oxygen. Xiao Mu was almost suffocating.

The classroom was empty, and the desks were empty except for the books from the previous class. Only loneliness, coldness, and the chilling moonlight remained, scattered on the dusty marble floor. The small insects flapped their weak wings and drew a neat smile on the blackboard with chalk dust.

Xiao Mu figured it out. Mr. Beetle wants to rush into the classroom. It adjusted its posture, flapped its wings forcefully, and let the strong wind blow away the remaining iron frame of the window so that its huge body could pass through. Xiao Mu took a deep breath as if it was the last breath of oxygen he could enjoy, and he forced himself to move his feet, shouting loudly as a signal to escape.

The classroom was filled with laughter and noise. Everyone held hands and hummed childhood nursery rhymes. The warm sunlight and comfortable air danced on the faces of the classmates, leaving tears of happiness.

It's too late, Xiao Mu said to himself. Mr. Beetle's speed was as fast as lightning. Its mouth, full of fangs and dripping with blood, had already passed through the window without glass and iron frames, exhaling a stinking gas towards Xiao Mu. Xiao Mu vomited, and his nasal cavity, eye sockets, ears, and mouth were filled with the hot water he had just drunk and the stomach acid that came with it.

Mr. Beetle buzzed again, mocking Xiao Mu's ugly appearance.

Trees emerged from the ground of the classroom, growing vigorously, but not absorbing nutrients from the sunlight. The black moonlight gently sprinkled, blending into the broken bricks and tiles, dyeing the soft saplings green. The doctor trimmed the bad branches for the small tree in the dark night and watered it with clear water mixed with sunlight moths. But the classmates had already gone far away.

Mr. Beetle's brown-black shell was cut by the glass fragments on the frame, leaving a gaping wound. The yellow, pus-like substance flowed down, sticking to Mr. Beetle's mouth. The buzzing sound stopped. Its face seemed to be twisted in pain, and even its tentacles were broken and fell on the marble floor of the classroom, still twitching slightly.

The sunlight finally penetrated, burning the pus on Mr. Beetle. The yellow pus burned like alcohol, angrily crawling all over Mr. Beetle's body like a fire punishment. Mr. Beetle screamed in pain and rushed into the classroom with its last strength, lying motionless on the ground.

The fire mournfully burned, as if reminiscing about the pus. Slowly, it engulfed Xiao Mu, engulfed the classmates, engulfed the classroom, and engulfed the saplings.

Just like a grand sunrise.

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