Walking with you


This is a birthday poem, written for a friend's 18th birthday.

Friend, I bless you.

May you build a house on the clouds,
Facing the sun, no longer worrying about the cold and darkness;
You should plant some flowers around the house,
Let the fragrance of sunflowers heal the pain;

Every day,
The morning light will gently awaken you,
The fragrance of flowers will brush away the tiredness of the night;
Chat and play with friends, frolic with birds,
Snuggle with your loved one, argue with the clouds,
Interesting things will happen every day;
When you're bored, go watch TV,
There you will find our stories;
No longer worry about the darkness of the night,
Because the moon will be adorned with stars for you,
Letting you no longer fear the cold of the night,
And the gentle breeze and flower leaves will play a lullaby for you,
Driving away all worries and troubles.

Perhaps occasionally there will be heavy rain,
Wetting the sky and clouds;
At such times, I hope you can think of me,
Write me a letter,
Write about the heavy rain, write about the wet clothes,
Write about the flowers, write about the fragrance of sunflowers;
The white dove will deliver the letter to me,
Through mountains and rivers, cities and villages, never getting lost,
No matter where I am, I will reply to you.

Friend, I will walk with you.

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