Rainy Day Memo

It's changing.

The rain has blown the trees crooked, and the lights in the house are flickering. The sound of the wind and rain overwhelms the music in my headphones, and the electric wires hanging from the upstairs sway back and forth.

I opened the window and stuck my head out. The waves of the deep sea come one after another, accompanied by the sound of whistles, rustling leaves, and flowing water. All of them reach my ears through the gaps in the seawater, making it feel stuffy and hot. The cat also sticks its head out, curiously diving into the seawater. Its front half is in the water, while its back half is in the air within my line of sight. It seems that the seawater has disrupted the power system, and the lights in the house have gone out. The half-eaten noodles are getting cold. I closed the window and returned to the darkness. I calmly finished the noodles in my bowl, placed the bowl neatly, and lay on the bed without taking off my clothes. Let's just fall asleep like this. Rainy days without light are perfect for closing your eyes.

I hope neither she nor I will be swept away by the waves.

The cat is still lying by the window, watching the world sway.

Recording a heavy rain and my confusion in front of the computer, along with the adorable cat.

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