Embrace After Suffocation


Last night I stayed up late to finish watching "Love Exposure" and had a dream, so I'm recording it.
After waking up this morning in the afternoon, I feel a bit groggy. Everyone should cherish their lives and stay away from staying up late.

I was searching for Yoko.

I was running in the campus, running anxiously, feeling weak all over, as if sliding in the ocean, my limbs becoming weak. Even so, I kept running, in order to find Yoko and tell her everything.

I don't remember how many doors I pushed open, how many disdainful and disgusted looks I received. Just because I am a complete pervert, an irredeemable sinner.

The contents of my stomach churned, and the feeling of nausea gradually rose. I kept running, vomit splashing on my face in the wind, the burning sensation from the sour stomach acid did not erode my faith, only Maria remained in my mind.

"Yu, we found Yoko, right at the entrance of Class 5 on the third floor, going into the classroom." The voice of God's redemption came through the phone that had been on the whole time.

I looked up, tears and sweat blurring my vision, but I still caught sight of her, the sacred Maria.

I ran with all my might, the wind blowing away the foreign objects on my face, people around me cheering and applauding. I ran up to the third floor, the bell for class rang, but everyone was standing, calling out my name.

Everyone is so kind.

I ran towards the classroom, everyone's gaze focused on me, Yoko and I locked eyes for a moment, her face twisted, her eyes filled with fear, she shook her head and stepped back.

People around me clapped and cheered, urging me on.

I ran the distance between Yu and Yoko.

I opened my arms and tightly embraced her, tears streaming down both of our faces. We held each other tightly, feeling each other's warmth.

Everyone cheered for us, only Yoko and I cried loudly, shedding true tears mixed with red blood.

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