Play "Chaos Child Love Chu Chu" Chinese version smoothly on Windows using Vita3K.



Recently, I finished playing "Chaos Child Love Kiss!!" on the PSV emulator and wrote down some tutorials and pitfalls.

Ⅰ. Preparation#

  • A computer with Windows installed (this article uses Win10 as an example)

  • Vita3K (PSV emulator)

  • System firmware and font firmware

  • Installation package and Chinese patch for "Chaos Child Love Kiss!!"

  • Some patience

    PS: This article provides system firmware and font firmware, as well as installation packages and Chinese patches for "Chaos Child Love Kiss!!". The extraction code is Sperte, for emulator learning purposes only.
    Baidu Netdisk (Extraction code: 2333)
    Aliyun Drive (Extraction code: 2333)


  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to a suitable location

  2. Double-click Vita3K.exe to open it

    Installation 1

  3. Select the language

    Installation 2

  4. Choose the installation path (it is recommended to change it to a non-system drive)

    Installation 3

  5. Install the system firmware and font firmware
    Installation 4
    Select the two firmware files downloaded earlier and install them
    Once both firmware files are installed and display a V, click Next to continue

  6. Proceed with the installation by clicking Next

  7. Installation completed


  1. Create a new user
    Configuration 1
  2. Log in with the newly created user
    Configuration 2
  3. Configuration completed

Ⅲ. Game Installation and Chinese Patch#

Game Installation#

  1. Click on "Install zip" in the File tab
    Game 1
  2. Click "Select File" and choose the downloaded installation package from the pop-up window
    Game 2
  3. Installation completed
    Game 3
    Game 4

Chinese Patch Installation#

  1. Right-click on the game icon and open the application folder
    Patch 1
  2. Overwrite the patch with the Chinese patch
  3. Patch installation completed

Ⅳ. Gameplay Notes#

  1. Key Controls
    The c key is the confirm key
    The x key is the back key
    The e key is the fast forward key
    The q key is the force fast forward key
    The v key is the text review key
    The j key is the positive delusion key
    The l key is the negative delusion key
    The enter key is the menu key

  2. Crashing-related

    • During the initial deduction phase of the game, there is a high probability of crashing due to memory overflow. It is recommended to force fast forward until the deduction phase is over.
    • During the game, there is a chance of crashing every 15 minutes or so. It is recommended to save the game every 10 minutes to prevent progress loss.
    • After a crash, please force fast forward past the previous crash point to avoid crashing again.
  3. Others

    • During the game, there may be instances of repeated voice acting and sound effects, which is likely due to the emulator. There is currently no solution, but it does not significantly affect the gameplay.


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